MANSCAPED creates proper grooming tools that are combined with third generation innovations in design, power and hygiene to curate an incredible grooming experience. Men’s health and hygiene is at the core of MANSCAPED as it is the essence of their cause through the partnership of the Testicular Cancer Society.


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HyperX —

HyperX products are the choice of top-rated gamers and tech enthusiasts worldwide. From setting memory world records to achieving the most stringent product certifications, HyperX is committed to delivering reliable products with the highest performance standards.

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In 2003, Matt Michelsen was plagued with nagging headaches caused by long days spent viewing computer screens. Seeking help, Matt visited his Optometrist and was soon diagnosed with Digital Eye Strain. With technology use on the rise, he foresaw Digital Eye Strain affecting families around the world. Matt and his wife teamed up with Joe Croft, an optical engineer and began developing products to address this growing issue. Together, the three visionaries set out to provide protection for all eyes.


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SOARDOGG is a full service merch studio, print fulfillment and custom apparel producer, specializing in the esports and social content industry.


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SoarDogg —

GLYTCH is here to dominate and revolutionize the landscape of esports by prioritizing gamer health and well being first. Gamer wellness aside, our creations are used to help increase your work energy through the day or night.


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