If you're here, you're probably curious as to what PreGaming has done to prepare for new beginnings. Below, you will see a list attached of what we have prepared to roll out for the January 1st announcement.

Logo Rebrand, including an icon, wordmark and a combined primary logo

New Website Reveal, including revised pages, along with new subpages

PreGaming Stream Team on Twitch (Now Live!)

The Nest Redesign

PreGaming Discord Changes and updates

Member Items and Goodie Bags, including multiple different wallpapers, headers, and a full branded stream pack with new branding

Changes To Our Apparel Shop, allowing us to prepare for new apparel at a later date

Wallpaper Designs, which anyone can download for free (Community Design, footer)

Revamps of All Social Media accounts and anything that had the previous branding associated with it.

PreGaming Blog, labeled "What's New?" which allows users to keep up with all of the big announcements

New Interactive Content and Events that involve the PreGaming community

Professional Level Branding Guidelines included new branding colors, typography, and how to utilize our branding going forward, which can be found on the footer.

Downloadable Brand Kit, which allows designers to utilize our branding for practice and recruitment challenges.

Updated Application Process, which allows us to be more personable to applicants

Implemented Incentives for high ranking community members

FAQ Subpage, which allows those who are unfamiliar with PreGaming to formally be educated about our history and operations

Implemented Pillars for Success, which can be found in the About section of the website

Overall Complete Restructure to roles, productivity, branding and all asset under PreGaming

We are very excited to share all of our prepared hard work that has gone into this project. We are preparing to achieve more than the traditional esports normalizations. This is a new Pre. If you're interested in starting your journey with PreGaming, please visit the Apply page on the masthead and submit an application today! We look forward to seeing you all soon!

#FlyHigh #ANewPre