We are noticing a high volume of #Precruits and those supporting the organization. We decided to change our recruitment structure, and not focus on a direct number, but more so to pull those who are ready to be brought on. Below you will find a list of 18 #Precruits who as of today, are apart of the Pre family! Welcome, and get that hashtag removed.


• Weezy - @Weezy_Who

• Queen Panpire - @queenpanpire


• Serisky - @Serisky

• Taco - @IAmTacoGod

• Magical Doobie - @MagicalDoobie

• Kellz - @nkellzz

• Gemini - @ItsGeminiTV • The Accountant - @JomgThe

• Horizon - @OGZitre

• Grevey - @greveey

• King Fallen - @KingxFallen • Rocko - @TheRockoShow • Motion - @ItisMotion • Telemetry - @Dermalube

• Mujo - @SemicuAidan

• Astar - @Astarst2 • DropZ - @DropZ_AL


This doesn't end your journey at all, in fact, quite the opposite. We expect the grinders who are not on this list to continue their grind and keep working towards their entry! We reviewed every single person who is grinding, and came to a consensus, some members lack the support aspect, some lack the interaction aspect and some just need a little bit longer of a grind to show they are dedicated. We have leads reaching out over the course over the next couple of days to assist you on your journey in and let you know what it takes. We are watching you all, heavily! We expect to pull everyone who is ready into Pre. This includes those who support the members, involve themselves, interact, utilize our services, etc. - If you are curious on what it takes to reserve your spot, simply reach out to your lead that contacted you after the application. We have no member cap, simply just making sure every grinder who is selected will be a great fit. We can't wait to see you all get in.

#NewRecruits #FlyHigh