Updated: May 28

Tonight at 7PM EST, Pre will be hosting Warzone Customs live on our Twitch. This blogpost will explain the rules, expectations and other information to help educate the audience.


• May 28th, 7PM EST.

• Coverage Live on PreGamingGG Twitch.

• Hosted by Bulba


• Trios (Can queue solo to be matched with another solo player)

• Hosted on NAE Servers

• Mode - Mini Royale

• No griefing, stream sniping, etc. Follow Warzone TOS or you will be banned.

• All platforms welcome!

• No negative acts of any sort, will also be banned.

• Questions can be asked tonight via Twitch Chat, so be present.

• No AUG/M16 classes allowed, also no Ghost perk.

• We will also probably run a sniper only match, so prepare for that.

• FlyHigh and have fun, this is strictly for fun and not a tournament of any sort.


• Guns allowed: Kar98K, Crossbow (No explosive tips), SP-R 208, M82, HDR, LW3, Tundra, Pellington 703

• Only Tactical Allowed: Heartbeat Sensor - Only Lethal Allowed: Throwing Knife

• You MUST stay in the air until loadouts drop, you CANNOT start killing people until the first circle is closing and the timer shower 2:30 after the loadout drops.

• No killing with vehicles

• No killstreaks allowed, aside from UAV.

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