• Chiara Squillace


"Defining a new meaning of family, in an organization. A community defying the odds of what ‘organization’ truly conspires to be."

Breaking into a new group of friends can be difficult and sometimes awkward at first chance, leaving the vibes to be interchangeable from friend group to friend group. There is no saying who will come and who will stay. PreGaming is an organization in professionalism, but we are a family behind these corporate descriptors, chasing dreams and goals just like you. When community is close, there is constant growth and friendships for everyone to appreciate. One great way to enjoy the community is to join the PreSMP Server!

What do you like to build? What is your style or theme? Are you new to Minecraft? Isn’t it so much better to have a voice chat full of friends on the long journey throughout the map?! Here, the map is wildly big and gives us lots of paths to explore!

View the PreGaming Minecraft SMP Dynamic Map: PreGamingGG.com/smpmap

Don’t fret about getting lost either, because there is someone always willing to help you out. PreGaming has a Discord server where gamers can connect and share content with each other as well as show off your creations, so don’t be shy!

Join the PreGaming Discord Server: PreGamingGG.com/discord

PreGaming Minecraft SMP (Survival Multiplayer Server) has so many things to offer. Bringing in the nostalgic feeling of Minecraft before the days of it brewing big... Vanilla with some valued modifications such as Grief Protection and a One Person Sleep Plug-in, to assist in a smooth experience within our server. With buildings and creations made by gamers globally inside our very own Minecraft server, you won’t regret stopping in and making friends in such a creative and fun place.

We cannot wait to see you join the PreGaming Minecraft SMP and make loads of friends! Don't be shy, jump on in and enjoy the mining party!

#PreSMP #FlyHigh