What is Pre?

Pre is a global esports organization that is focused on inspiring content creators within the industry while also participating in a wide variety of video games competitively. Pre is dedicated to allowing creators and professionals to achieve their goals at a higher standard while providing the community with merchandise and sponsored products.

What does Pre have to offer?

Pre has a wide range of tools to utilize such as a well rounded family based atmosphere, a wide range of knowledge to give additional support, design elements to make your content stand out from others, a Twitch stream team, the ability to earn monetization and other items from Pre and our sponsors and many other aspects to help you grow and fit into the team.

What games does Pre compete in?

Pre currently doesn't compete in an esports, although we have had recent successes with CS:GO.

What does Pre look for in recruits? Is Pre recruiting?

Pre is unlike other organizations who want certain analytics to be hit prior to entry, we make our decisions based off of support and the will to grow. We look for people to announce their grinds, add #Pre in their names, and support other #Precruits and current members. We also look for heavy utilization of our platforms, interacting with our tweets, talking in our discord, showing up to branded streams and many other ways of support. Support is key to your entry into Pre.

Does Pre have public brand assets?

Pre does currently have a Brand Kit availible in the footer of this page.

When was Pre established?

August 1st, 2017.

Does Pre offer free community designs?

Pre does offer free community designs, such as wallpapers, overlays and many others. You can find these in the Community Designs link in the footer of this page.

What platforms is Pre on?

Pre is on many of the main social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Twitch, and YouTube. You can find quick links in our footer below.

Who is Pre sponsored by?

Pre is currently sponsored by HyperX and MANSCAPED.

What are Pre's long-term goals?

Simple - success for not only the brand but the creators who ride with Pre along the way.

Does Pre work with other organizations?

Yes! Pre is proud to say that we partner with other organizations in the esports community. Previously, some have been EMGG and Exolved Esports.

Does Pre have apparel?

Pre has apparel through SoarDogg. You can view our apparel by selecting the shop page on the top menu.

Does Pre have any upcoming events? Can I participate?

Our events are planned a month ahead of time and can be viewed by selecting the events page in the top menu. We welcome everyone to participate and attend all community events!

Does Pre have an HQ?

Currently, no. We are operated remotely in 4 different states: Michigan, Tennessee, Maryland and Florida.

Is Pre an operating business?

Yes, we are an established LLC.